Shell Control Box, Uzak Oturum İzleme ve Yönetim uygulamasının LTS sürümü için güncelleme 3 Kasım 2016’da duyuruldu.

Shell Control Box, Uzak Oturum İzleme ve Yönetim uygulamasının LTS sürümü için güncelleme 3 Kasım 2016’da duyuruldu. Güncelleme ile aşağıdaki hatalar giderildi.

Hata No Kısa Açıklama
SCB-10731 Cannot change ‘Channel database cleanup’ option on the Telnet > Global Options page
SCB-10594 Search in content results in SQL error when multiple archiving policies are used
 SCB-10026 Log message about firmware upload lacks version number
 SCB-9989 Turkey dropped DST and switched to a permanent GMT+3 timezone.
 SCB-9817 Transferring files with non UTF-8 names by SCP or SFTP causes database failure
SCB-9814 The maximal accepted length of SCB keyboard-interactive prompts has been increased.
SCB-9805 SQL error on the Search page if incorrect connectionId is specified
SCB-9776 PostgreSQL logrotate script does not work properly.
SCB-9751 DRBD sync speed can be changed when it has no effect
SCB-9690 “Error decrypting data” message shown on the web interface
SCB-9552 Log message about RDP redirection is not formatted properly
SCB-9547 Indexing ICA audit trails with high resolution used big amount of memory, it could use more than 2GB per indexerworker
SCB-9479 PostgreSQL logrotate script does not work properly
SCB-9478 SCB sends a cron job failure e-mail every day
SCB-9405 SSH autologon fails with Cisco SSH server
SCB-9403 After renaming a Connection policy, some trails are not searchable
SCB-9239 Failed SSH authentication on the target server is not logged
SCB-9222 The output of window title detection contained falsely recognised characters.
SCB-9165 RDP connections using Network Level Authentication may be denied when the username is not in DOMAIN\user format
SCB-9148 Domain membership is required for TS Gateway-enabled RDP connections using a Local User Database
SCB-8979 JobGenerator crashes if a record for an audit trail disappears from MetaDB during indexing.
SCB-8874 A parser issue affecting SFTP protocol version 0-2 could lead to either high memory usage or crash in the internal and external indexer services
SCB-8616 Improve accuracy of the hit count on the Search results page
SCB-8288 “Invalid auth message received” with agent forwarding and ECDSA keys
SCB-7937 Misleading tooltip on the Connections > Access control > Subject field
SCB-7814 Improved the performance of the SCB connection database
SCB-7721 Backup operation causes high load when backing up multiple small files
SCB-7479 Improper SSH message can crash the SSH proxy during authentication
SCB-7245 Receiving two “SSH_MSG_KEXINIT” messages crashes the SSH proxy
SCB-6916 Misleading error messages in case of expired or ‘must be changed’ passwords on Windows Server